Turkish citizenship has been eased for foreign investors with the amendments of Turkey’s current citizenship law. The new regulations were published in the Official Gazette on January 12, 2017.

Foreigners who have acquired an immovable property worth a minimum of 1.000.000 USD with a title deed restriction of not to sell for at least three years (proven by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization) would be eligible to acquire citizenship under the new regulations.

According to the Turkish Citizenship law;

* First of all, you must get an official valuation report which indicates the appraised market value of the property worth the price of 1.000.000 USD. The reports are given by the official licensed real estate appraisers. This assessment is taking into consideration according to daily dollar currency of Turkish Central Bank.

* You must apply to the relevant land registry office to annotate the title deed, (*obligated not to sell) for the next 3 years.(Starting from the day of receiving title deed)

*  In case of buying multiple properties worth the total price of 1.000.000 USD, you can be eligible for the citizenship program by applying to the land registry office about the relevant properties on the same date and under the same registration number.